Frequently Asked Questions

How is my bill calculated?

Bills are based on water consumption. The readings form NJ American Water are used to calculate the quarterly bills. For residential users, the minimum bill for each quarter is $60.00. If the property has garbage disposal, an additional $5.00 is charged each quarter. The minimum bill is for 0 – 10,000 gallons of water per quarter. Any usage over 10,000 gallons is charged $6.60 per 1,000 gallons. Commercial minimum rates are based upon water meter size. Contact the office at (856) 829-5587 for more details on commercial rates.

What if I need to fill a pool?

To receive a credit for water used to fill a pool, you must have a second meter installed and inspected before you fill the pool. Credit is not given on estimates.

I have an irrigation system; do I have to pay for the water used for my lawn?

Credit can only be given if you have a second meter installed, inspected, and read yearly. Credit is given once a year, in December or January, depending on your billing cycle. Call the office at (856) 829-5287 for more information.

My bill is unusually high due to a leak. Can I receive a credit?

If you have a leak due to defective fixtures or broken pipe, you may qualify for a credit if you meet three requirements. 1. You have not received a credit in the last five (5) years. 2. NJ American Water provides you with a credit. 3. You can provide proof that the fixture was repaired.

How do I pay my bill?

We offer multiple ways to pay your bill. We do not accept payment on the phone. If you use your bank’s online bill pay, please allow sufficient time for the bank to issue a check and mail it to us.

  1. ACH Direct Debit – No fee. Your payment will be withdrawn from your account automatically on or around the 20th of the month it is due.
  2. Drop your check and bill stub off at our 24-hour drop box located at the Municipal Building to the left of the front doors.
  3. Pay at the counter by check, cash, or money order. Credit cards are not accepted at the counter.
  4. Pay online. You may pay by e-check or credit card, fees apply.
  5. Mail your check or money order via US Postal Service.