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Paying your bill online is easy. Click here to go to our online payment portal. Once on the new page you can search by account number, address or name. It is very important to ensure you complete the transaction and record your confirmation number. You can also use this link to view your account 24/7, without making a payment. 

If you don't want to be bothered with remembering to pay your bill each quarter, we can process the payment for you. Sign up for ACH Direct Withdrawal. On or around the 20th of the month that your bill is due, we will automatically deduct the amount due from your account. You can avoid interest charges, cost of checks, stamp and save your time for something else. Click here for form.

If you wish to mail or drop off your payment, please include the barcode section of your bill or note your account number on the check or money order. A 24 hour drop box is available at the municipal building. It is located to the left of front doors. Keep in mind any payment left after 4 pm will be credited on the next business day and interest charges may apply.

Mail to or drop off at:
Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority
1621 Riverton Road
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Bills are issued quarterly and there are two billing cycles per quarter. One section of Cinnaminson receives bills in January, April, July and October. Other’s will receive bills in March, June, September and December. Bills are due by the close of the business of the last business day of the month. Interest will accrue on the first of the following month.

A quarterly minimum charge is applied to all accounts each quarter for 0 – 10,000 gallons of water used during the consumption period. The minimum quarterly fee is $60.00, or if the property has a garbage disposal, the minimum is $65.00. If more than 10,000 gallons of water is used in the consumption period, $6.60 is charge for each additional 1,000 gallons of water used. New Jersey American Water meter readings are used to calculate water usage.

A quarterly minimum charge is applied to all accounts regardless of consumption. The minimum quarterly fee and threshold for minimum usage is based upon the size of the water meter. Click here for rate table.

All properties are required to have a Sewer Compliance Inspection done prior to settlement. The inspection involves ensuring that a sump pump or downspout drains are not emptying into the sewer system, sidewalks or streets and whether or not the property has a garbage disposal. The cost of the inspection is $50.00, due at the time of the inspection. A copy of the Cinnaminson Township code is here.

Please complete the contact form to let us know if you are selling or buying a property in Cinnaminson. Contact New Jersey American Water to schedule a final meter reading or to set up your new account. Once a final NJ American Water meter is posted, a final sewer bill will be issued and provided to the title company for payment. 

Residents may install a second meter to register outside water usage and to be given a credit for this usage on their quarterly sewer bill. After installation of this meter the resident must contact the Authority at (856) 829-5287 to schedule an inspection and initial reading. Click here for rules.