Commercial Property Change Form

This form is for Commercial properties only and must be completed by the property owner. If you are a property management company or bill payment service (third party billing agent), you must upload either a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or a copy of an agreement that shows the property owner’s signature. 

Bills are not sent to Tenants.

By clicking send you are certifying that you are authorized to make these changes.


The owner of the property is responsible to ensure that all sewer bills are paid. Any unpaid balance is subject to tax lien sale and will go against the property, not the tenant or third party agent. The Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority must be notified, in writing or by a new submission, when the billing address changes.

Property Information
Owner Information
Bill To Information
Do Not Enter Tenant Information
Requestor Information
Third party billing agents, such as property management companies and bill service companies, must upload authorization. This can be an agreement with the property owner's signature or a letter of authorization.