Mission Statement


The Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority was founded for the purpose of protecting and preserving the Cinnaminson area's vital environment for current and future generations, and by so doing ensure a healthy ecology, a robust economy, and a high quality of life for our citizens.


The skilled and dedicated men and women at the Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority accomplish this by effectively collecting and treating wastewater from our service area and then recycling a safe, clean water back into the natural ecosystem.


Our philosophy is never to lose sight of those we are committed to serve: residents, businesses, and public institutions.


The Authority is an environmental leader and will continue to use new technologies, innovations, and employee ideas to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective service.


All of the Authority's plans, improvements, and system changes are performed to ensure that the Authority continues to meet or exceed all mandated federal and state regulations and standards and to operate the Authority at as low a cost to our customers as possible.

This Mission Statement of the Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority was adopted by the Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority by Resolution No. 1998/1999-16 on December 14, 1998




Administration/Business Office
1621 Riverton Road

Cinnaminson, NJ 08077


Plant/Treatment Facilities
400 N. Randolf Street

Cinnaminson, NJ 08077


Monthly Meetings: 6:30 PM 2nd Mondays - Municipal Building




Richard C. Strobel

Director of Operations
Robert O'Connor

Director of Administration
John Conville

Director of Personnel
Richard C. Strobel

Director of Finance & Budget
Thomas Kollar

Bradford Smith - Smith & Smith

Director of Construction
Frank Szymkowski

Kim Fitzpatrick

Wayne D. Simpson - Alaimo Associates

Superintendent of Operations
Kevin Kramer